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Adventure National Park


Welcome to Adventure National Park!

Adventure National Park is a place where every Scout, Ranger, & Pionner is valued, welcomed, and accepted!

Our goal is to grow their faith in Jesus and nuture them through transitionas in a fun,safe, & engaging environment.

On SUnday Mornings,

we like to refer to our kids ministry areas as Adventure National Park, where we are reminded that the wonders of God’s divine nature are evident in His creation. Through all He has made, we get to marvel at His majesty and experience His wonders. We invite you and your children to take part in God’s adventures by exploring Adventure National Park. We want to emphasize to our Adventure Kids how our Christian life following the Lord is an adventure to discover more about Him, His nature, His revealed will for us and His unique plan for each of us!

We use fun, interactive Gospel Project Curriculum for all ages.  Sundays consist of lively worship, a video of the Bible lesson, teaching, fellowship, crafts, prayer, and an activity or game to further reinforce the lesson.


Children in this age group are our Scouts. This is a place to safely start the journey, where kids learn that God loves us as seen in His creation and the people He provides to care for them!

They enjoy free play, lively worship, lesson videos, interactive teaching, activities, snacks, and crafts.

Our goals for our Scouts include experiencing the love of God through our volunteers and their nurturing care, learning the basics about God’s love for them, and that faith in Jesus makes us right with God!


Kids in this group are our Rangers. Here kids continue their journey with further training and equipping to receive and share the good news of Jesus!

They enjoy a time of group fellowship with their peers and volunteers that includes games, bracelet making, basketball, card making, and jump rope, followed by lively worship, lesson videos, discussion-based teaching, snacks, and crafts.

Our goals for our Rangers include experiencing the love and grace of God through our volunteers, developing friendships with their peers, learning about the good news of Jesus, mastering basic Bible skills, experiencing times of prayer, and engaging in deeper worship!


Kids in this group are our Pioneers.  At this point in the journey, kids share their trail blazing stories of reaching the lost and prepare others who will disembark for the Great Commission!

They have a unique classroom experience that includes fellowship, worship, discussion-based teaching, and games each week.  They also have the opportunity to participate in events of their choosing that include laser tag, mini golf, pool parties, and karaoke nights throughout the year.

Our goals for our Pioneers include experiencing the love and grace of God through our volunteers, developing friendships with their peers, receiving a greater depth of Bible teaching, being encouraged to dive into the Bible on their own, opportunities for prayer, and engaging in deeper worship!